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Comfort Suites, Paradise Island

Comfort Suites, Paradise Island


To register for your hotel suite, please fill out the attached registration form and email to our reunion coordinator at the Comfort Suites, Ms. Lakeisha Beneby (   When you send your form to Lakeisha, please cc: me ( so that I may track reservations.  The registration forms must be submitted by June 1.  Thereafter, Comfort Suites will be unable to guarantee our block of rooms.   If you have any questions for Lakeisha, you may reach her on the toll-free number for the Comfort Suites: 855-603-1105



  • Please note that the registration form states a price of $185/day for single and double occupancy, $205/day for triple occupancy, and $225/day for quadruple occupancy.  

  • When you check in, a $55 per day credit will be applied for the period covering check-in on Friday, August 3 and check-out on Monday, August 6, bringing your room billing down to $130/day for single and double occupancy, $150/day for triple occupancy, and $170/day for quadruple occupancy for the Aug 3-6 period.  

  • The $55 credit will not apply for check-in on Thursday, August 2 or before, and for checkouts on Tuesday, August 7 or later.  Instead, the Comfort Suites normal rate of $185/day for double occupancy, $205/day for triple occupancy and $225/day for quadruple occupancy will apply.

  • As mentioned in the January reunion letter, please note that for guests of five or more who are aged two or older, the hotel requires that an additional room be booked for the additional guest.  For instance, if your total party is seven, then a quad and a triple room must be booked.



This room rate covers complimentary buffet breakfast at Comfort Suites and complimentary access to all of the facilities at the Atlantis Resort—i.e. full and unlimited use of the Atlantis’s private beaches, waterparks, aquariums and museums during your entire stay (note: does not include complimentary access to the Atlantis gym; Comfort Suites does not have a gym).